Mary MacGill, the brand, is the organic evolution of my creative journey, which began at the age of 13, when tea with my mentor Kazuko Oshima instilled my desire to become a jewelry designer. After starting my career with a fine-jewelry company in New York City, I returned to my family home on Block Island, Rhode Island, and began hand hammering gold and weaving wire with semi-precious stones. Inspired by the ocean, grasses, and evolving coastline, I created my first collection and sold the designs at the local farmer’s market. The response I received prompted me to establish Mary MacGill Jewelry.

Having grown up in a household filled with art, and surrounded by creative personalities, I always dreamt of building a space that would nurture my passion for jewelry and cultivate a dynamic artistic community. With this intent, I opened the doors to my Germantown, New York, studio in 2017, adding a seasonal Block Island studio in 2018. More than ateliers, galleries, or stores, these spaces are expressions of my desire to explore the role of art in everyday life. I define them as studios not only because I work in them, but also because I view them as kinetic places continuously shaped by the objects, relationships, and exchanges contained within their walls.

— Mary



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The intersection
roots all Mary MacGill

from hammered imperfections and one-of-a-kind-stones that characterize my jewelry designs to the unique objects, clothing, and artworks that express the hand, heart, and environment that shaped them. Mary

The thread that connects the artists found at Mary MacGill is a reverence for the artistic process and their chosen materials.