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Signature designs with varying inspiration

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Little Birds | Fall 2023

A collection inspired by the life and writings of Anaïs Nin and the small worlds of texture that sustain us. Featuring Picasso jasper, mauve moonstone, pink tourmaline, and mossy agates.

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High Summer | Summer 2023

An afternoon dip, sisters, bright trails, opaque color, cumulus clouds, heavy air, cool thin water — our High Summer Collection is inspired by the trails we walk and swimming holes we love. 5% of all proceeds will be donated to the Columbia Land Conservancy in appreciation for their stewardship of our local land in the Hudson Valley.


Portugal | Summer 2023

Inspired by the vast and extraordinary coast of Portugal, a bright one-of-a-kind collection adorned with Vintage Coral, Turquoise, Ceruleite, Opal, Green Tourmaline, Found Shark Teeth, and Keshi Pearlset suscipit diam, quis blandit odio placerat nec. 

2_22_23_Mary-MacGill_GF_Earring_0824 (Em McCann Zauder).jpg__PID:aadb5853-ccca-4d16-93b3-518f93a77513

onthisisland | Spring 2023

A limited spring collection explores the meeting of forest at the ocean’s edge through blurred splashes of translucent and opaque marks. An homage to Jack Pierson’s collection of works “onthisisland” — watercolors from time spent on North Captiva Island