Buying Guide

A compilation of diamond knowledge, planning tips, and an introduction to our attentive process. You can also speak with us in person to plan your engagement.

considered designs

Engagement Rings

Mary selects diamonds and AAA quality semiprecious stones for their singular color, proportion, or light refracting qualities. The resulting collection spans a set of subtle and modern styles, each inherently unique. Should you decide to find a ring in our existing collection, the process takes anywhere from 1 - 10 days depending on the amount of consultation required and your timeline.

Prices begin at $1,200 

design your own

Custom Rings

Work directly with Mary to craft a ring from loose stones to finished pieces. Clients can choose stones from our inventory of diamonds and AAA gems, request a specific stone, or incorporate family heirloom diamonds alongside a new design. This process generally takes 8-12 weeks from start to finish depending on stone selection and complexity of design.

Prices begin at $6,000


Working to find stones that fit your partner’s
ethos and style

Mary MacGill creates minimal engagement rings with subtle design queues allowing the chosen materials to speak to your dedication, understanding, and intentions.

for your


Time Frame

Is there is a time of year, occasion, or trip to a meaningful place that might be significant to you and your partner? Planning the event will help to decide if you should consider already crafted rings, which are ready to ship, or embark on a custom project, which generally takes 10-18 weeks to create with Mary.


This is probably the most important consideration — how does your partner see themselves? How do you see your partner? What do they surround themselves with? Books, sleek furniture, earthy colors, wild prints or textures, nature, or modern architecture? We hope the ring you choose becomes a part of these signifiers, so it is important to gather a real sense of your partner’s sensibilities.


There’s no rule here about how many month’s paychecks you should spend to buy a ring. You should consider what makes sense for you, and trust that our team can help you select a ring that will captivate your partner and fit comfortably into your budget. 

about our


1. Book Appointment

Complete a short questionnaire to book your consultation appointment with Mary.

2.  Appointment

Meet with Mary in person or remotely to review stone and design ideas based off of your answers. 

3. Review Designs

We will follow up with design mock ups and pricing for you to review and land on a final decision.

4. Submit Payment

Once design is finalized, we request a 50% deposit to begin production on your ring.

5. Receive Ring

In 4-6 weeks, your ring is complete and ready to ship. Upon receipt of the remaining balance, we’ll coordinate with you to ensure your ring is delivered safely and discreetly.

Diamond Guide

All diamonds that Mary selects are ethically sourced alongside trusted vendors. Working with mineral included and classic clear cut diamonds, it is important to note that each category has its own set of color, clarity, and shape considerations.



Ranging in natural tones, mineral diamonds offer a more grounded alternative to the classic white diamond and are characterized by the impurities present as the diamond forms in the earth


White to subtle grey with soft, cloud -like inclusions


Ranging from a light mint to earthy olive


Characterized by burnt umber inclusions


Clear flecked with charcoal grey inclusions



There is a broad range of mineral diamond shapes, Mary tends towards the following


Elongated or square


Elongated or round


Classic pear shape


Triangular crystalline structure



Rose cut is the most prevalent for mineral diamonds, yet as the market for these stones has expanded, so have the options


Triangular cuts across the surface of the stone, most common with mineral diamonds


A rectangular stone with parallel stepped facets along the base sides and corners of the stone


A square stone with rounded corners, a flat surface and angular cuts on the base


Triangular crystalline structure formed in nature



Careful stone selection is at the core of Mary's design ethos. Taking plenty of time to observe and compare stones in order to provide the most unique offerings, Mary works with trusted vendors who abide by the industry's prevalent ethical and sustainable standards. 


Meet with Mary

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