Mary MacGill Germantown regularly showcases artists and designers from around the globe, working in a variety of mediums.


Exhibition Title

lorem 1 - 30, 2021

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Alice Attie and Sylvia Estes

July 21st - September 19th, 2023

Alice Attie and Sylvia Estes both work within a specific set of basic rules, or confines to create more complex meaning out of simple acts such as taking notes, or repurposing recycled materials. Alice Attie’s artistic practice explores the space beyond language; that which language itself can not simply express, and the possibilities of communicating understanding through the habitual exercise of mapping. Sylvia Estes is interested in the spontaneous act of creativity. Born out of a response to her own, very immediate desire to create, Estes’ sculptures are crafted from recycling in her kitchen. By giving in to the process, allowing tares in the cardboard and her home environment to guide the forms, Estes creates organic vessels and curved light fixtures that direct illumination and space anew.


Embodied Era

Ariela Nomi Kuh and Peter Cusack

May 5th- July 15th, 2023

Embodied Era pairs abstract sculptures by Ariela Nomi Kuh with paintings and process drawings by Peter Cusack. Inspired by traditions of craft and storytelling, Kuh and Cusack present interpretations of how the human form has been portrayed and articulated over time. By approaching the historicity of this subject matter through a contemporary lens, Embodied Era addresses how the past can serve as a framework for us to approach who we are today.


Here We Are

Matthew Johnson and Jonathan Kline

October 21st - December 15th, 2022

Matthew Johnson’s photography and Jonathan Kline’s woven forms explore the tension that exists between preservation and change. By drawing attention to the preciousness of time and our environment, Johnson and Kline’s work situate us in between two points of view— here we are, at once, considering the past while looking towards the future.


Echo Color Play

Colleen Herman

June 10th - September 1st, 2022

"Echo Color Play" featuring Colleen Herman's works on paper that consider the diverse oeuvre and ethos of Sophie Tauber-Arp. "In pouring over Sophie Tauber-Arp’s work this past summer, I found her spirit to be the most inspiring aspect about her... Her compositions display both a sense of immediate - intuitive - gestural - makings, and painstakingly planned out executions. This tension, improvisation // premeditation, perhaps, gives life to her work : her looseness balanced by considered care. A playful freedom that she took seriously."



Moran Woodworked

November 30th - January, 2021

"Utility" is an exhibition of objects designed for function alone. The reversal of materials is an exploration of iron and walnut: their literal strengths and weaknesses, their invested meanings. Michael Moran carved each head and sand-casting each handle, this series is an homage to hand tools, their construction and function.


L’importance du Rose

Caroline Denervaud

October 29th - December 20th, 2021

Caroline Denervaud is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Paris. Her process begins with dance and the body, and moves through expressions of form and color as a dialogue. “L’Importance du Rose” is a show that examines Caroline’s visceral and emotional response to international political unrest and the onset of the pandemic. The result is an exploration of a color — pink— that has been historically dismissed as “feminine” and “optimistic”. Through video and paintings, Caroline makes an acute argument for the importance of these traits amidst so much uncertainty.