• Layers of Abstraction - Matthew Johnson

    On assignment — a conversation with our friend, photographer Matthew Johnson about wayfinding, influences, and a dive into editorial work with our last campaign.

  • Legacy : Pace / MacGill Archives - Peter MacGill

    In celebration of father’s day, our latest journal features a conversation between Mary & her father, Peter MacGill, where he shares insightful anectodes from his expansive career as a gallerist. 

  • Sarah Rhymes With Clara - Susan Paulsen

    Revisiting her book “Sarah Rhymes With Clara”, our latest journal features an interview between Mary and her mother, photographer Susan Paulsen. A thoughtful conversation exploring the inextricable roles of the muse, place, home, and family.
  • Rae Wilson - Working with Impermanence

    Introducing our newest ceramicist, Rae Wilson. We worked with Rae as a model for our early Spring concept and found that her work and creative process resonated beautifully with our world.
  • Chris Mottalini - Here is the House

    A look inside Chris Mottalini’s 1950’s-era stone house in the Hudson Valley. He shares his journey photographing houses. In his words “Places that feel a bit rougher, somewhat handmade. Just real places… which happen to be designed by geniuses.”
  • Sylvia Estes - Perfectly Good Paper

    A closer look at Sylvia’s sculptural process -  transforming the refuse of daily life into organic vessels and curved light fixtures that direct illumination and space anew.
  • Ariela Nomi Kuh - Returning to The Imperfect

    A closer look at ceramicist Ariela Nomi Kuh’s process in her Portland, ME Studio.
  • Embodied Era - Modern Interpretations of Historic Subjects

    Gallery recap: Inspired by traditions of craft and storytelling, Kuh and Cusack present interpretations of how the human form has been portrayed and articulated over time.