• Scent Notes - Carolyn & Darcy of 2 Note

    In welcoming our latest collaboration between MM, and Carolyn and Darcy of 2 Note, Hudson. Inspired by 2 Note’s gorgeous skincare line, Mary asked if the duo would explore creating a moisturizing body oil laced with the scents of summer on Block Island. We asked 2 Note to share a bit about their process creating perfectly evocative scents.
  • High Summer

    An ode to land conservation and the places that nurture our creativity.  
  • Block Island

    Situated between Montauk, NY, and mainland Rhode Island, Block Island’s natural beauty and tight knit community resides at the heart of Mary MacGill Jewelry.
  • Comporta - Celebrating Friendship

    Mary planned a trip to Comporta, a town about an hour and a half south of Lisbon, to celebrate the friendships that have nurtured her up until this moment in her life — she’s getting married!