• Scent Notes - Carolyn & Darcy of 2 Note

    In welcoming our latest collaboration between MM, and Carolyn and Darcy of 2 Note, Hudson. Inspired by 2 Note’s gorgeous skincare line, Mary asked if the duo would explore creating a moisturizing body oil laced with the scents of summer on Block Island. We asked 2 Note to share a bit about their process creating perfectly evocative scents.
  • Sarah Rhymes With Clara - Susan Paulsen

    Revisiting her book “Sarah Rhymes With Clara”, our latest journal features an interview between Mary and her mother, photographer Susan Paulsen. A thoughtful conversation exploring the inextricable roles of the muse, place, home, and family.
  • Rae Wilson - Working with Impermanence

    Introducing our newest ceramicist, Rae Wilson. We worked with Rae as a model for our early Spring concept and found that her work and creative process resonated beautifully with our world.
  • Tucson Gem Show

    Every year, Mary travels to Tucson, Arizona for the annual Gem Show to source stones for new collections. The city presents an array of incredible material mined all over the world. An interview with Mary on this trip’s treasured finds and inspiration.  

  • The Knot Ring

    A 1st Century gold wire ring, a wave, automatic drawings, lines of the hand, artifact, intimacy, ends meeting, looping, imperfect, simplicity -- Mary shares her inspiration for the Knot Ring, which she re-envisioned this past fall as her own wedding band.
  • Chris Mottalini - Here is the House

    A look inside Chris Mottalini’s 1950’s-era stone house in the Hudson Valley. He shares his journey photographing houses. In his words “Places that feel a bit rougher, somewhat handmade. Just real places… which happen to be designed by geniuses.”
  • Susan Sellers Shifting Perspective

    Focusing on our creative community: Susan Sellers, a founder of the prolific creative agency 2x4 shares her design ethos, inspiration, and how the Block Island landscape has become an integral part of her process.

  • High Summer

    An ode to land conservation and the places that nurture our creativity.  
  • Sylvia Estes - Perfectly Good Paper

    A closer look at Sylvia’s sculptural process -  transforming the refuse of daily life into organic vessels and curved light fixtures that direct illumination and space anew.
  • Block Island

    Situated between Montauk, NY, and mainland Rhode Island, Block Island’s natural beauty and tight knit community resides at the heart of Mary MacGill Jewelry.
  • Comporta - Celebrating Friendship

    Mary planned a trip to Comporta, a town about an hour and a half south of Lisbon, to celebrate the friendships that have nurtured her up until this moment in her life — she’s getting married!
  • Ariela Nomi Kuh - Returning to The Imperfect

    A closer look at ceramicist Ariela Nomi Kuh’s process in her Portland, ME Studio.